The yearbook Archa Verbi is published by the International Society for the Study of Medieval Theology (IGTM). Languages of publications are English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Archa Verbi accepts articles and text editions which fall within the scope of the Society’s objectives and thematic purpose.

Manuscripts submitted to Archa Verbi undergo a double-blind peer review. Two senior scholars selected by the “scriptores” evaluate the quality of the research and make recommendations concerning the study’s suitability for publication. On the basis of the peer reviews the “scriptores”, together with the “coetus editionis”, render a decision concerning the publication of the manuscript. Authors will be notified of the decision and – where applicable – of the evaluators’ recommendations and criticisms. If a manuscript is rejected, we strongly encourage resubmission of the article after careful revision, since examination of a resubmission will be independent of the original review process.

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The review section of the yearbook discusses new books from the field of medieval theology and from those associated fields of study relevant to medieval theology.

Manuscript submissions for the yearbook Archa Verbi may be sent to the editor:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Prügl
Institut für Historische Theologie
Katholisch-Theologische Fakultät, Universität Wien
Schenkenstr. 8–10, A–1010 Wien
T +43–1–4277–30202, F +43–1–4277–9310

Requests for book reviews as well as review copies should be sent to the review editor:
Prof. Dr. Lic. Phil. habil. Martina Roesner M.A.
Lehrstuhl für Philosophie und Philosophiegeschichte
Theologische Hochschule Chur
Alte Schanfiggerstr. 7, CH-7000 Chur
T +41 812549999

Further information is available at:
IGTM on Facebook