Subjekt und Wahrheit. Meister Eckharts dynamische Vermittlung von Philosophie, Offenbarungstheologie und Glaubenspraxis


hrsg. von Martina Roesner

Perhaps one of the most prominent features of Meister Eckhart's thought is the refusal to adopt a rigid compartimentalization between the different dimensions of human life. A first-class theologian and philosopher as well as a Dominican preacher, Eckhart does not content himself with pursuing his academic activities in parallel with his more humble pastoral tasks. Rather, he aims at integrating the different claims of revealed theology, philosophical speculation, and spiritual guidance into a dynamic conception of truth as an event that is ultimately rooted in the human subject. Eckhart's thesis that there is only one truth, albeit in different modes and forms, opens the path towards an existential mediation, not only between Scripture-based theology and Aristotelian philosophy, but also between theoretical knowledge as a whole and practical life-orientation.
The papers contained in this volume were initially presented at a colloquium on 17 October 2014, in Vienna. The different contributions examine Eckhart's method of "translating truth" from an interdisciplinary perspective that includes theology, medieval and modern philosophy, medieval German literature studies, contemporary exegesis, and spirituality.

Artikel von Martina Roesner:
Die Univozität des Ich bei Meister Eckhart vor dem Hintergrund der scholastischen Frage nach dem subiectum theologiae (S 47).

Verlag Peeters, Leuven 2018
ISBN 978-90-429-3550-1

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