Archa Verbi. Yearbook for the Study of Medieval Theology 11 (2014)


Aschendorff Verlag, Münster 2015


  • Andrea Riedl, Der Heilige Geist als Weltseele. Die Kontroverse zwischen Wilhelm von St. Thierry und Wilhelm von Conches

  • Franklin T. Harkins, Contingency and Causality in Predestination: 1 Tim. 2:4 in the Sentences Commentaries of Albert the Great, Thomas Aquinas, and John Duns Scotus

  • John T. Slotemaker, Robert Holcot the Homilist: A Sermon Index for Cambridge, Peterhouse 210

  • Christopher Schabel, Cistercian University Theologians on the Filioque

  • Peter Gemeinhardt, Tagungsbericht zur Jahrestagung der IGTM, Theologie und Bildung im Mittelalter, Universität Göttingen, 19.–21. Juni 2014

  • Massimiliano d’Alessandro, Breves dies hominis. Giornata Internazionale di Studio inmemoria di Riccardo Quinto (1961–2014), Padova, 4 Novembre 2014

  • Pavel Blažek, In memoriam Riccardo Quinto (1961–2014)

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ISBN: 978-3-402-10232-9

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Weitere Informationen:

The yearbook Archa Verbi as well as the book series Archa Verbi. Subsidia are published by the International Society for the Study of Medieval Theology (IGTM). Languages of publications are English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Archa Verbi accepts articles and text editions which fall within the scope of the Society’s objectives and thematic purpose. The Archa Verbi. Subsidia book series publishes monographs and conference proceedings originating from the wider area of the study of medieval theology. Manuscripts submitted to Archa Verbi undergo a double-blind peer review. Two senior scholars selected by the „scriptores“ evaluate the quality of the research and make recommendations concerning the study’s suitability for publication. On the basis of the peer reviews the „scriptores“, together with the „coetus editionis“, render a decision concerning the publication of the manuscript. Authors will be notified of the decision and – where applicable – of the evaluator’s recommendations and criticisms. If a manuscript is rejected, we strongly encourage resubmission of the article after careful revision, since each resubmission will be examined independent of the original review process. The review section of the yearbook discusses new books from the field of medieval theology and from those associated fields of study relevant to medieval theology. These associated disciplines are, in particular, Church History, History of Exegesis, History of Theology, History of Philosophy, History of Canon Law, and Art History, that are considered relevant insofar as they advance the study and knowledge of medieval theology.

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